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The following tips will help you extend your blowout between visits to hair salon

hair blowout

If you have chosen a textured blowout you can refresh it with a curling iron. You can also try a casual updo that allow tresses to frame your face. Straight blowouts can be extended as long as possible with the use of dry shampoo and careful showering. Once you have reached the up-do stage of extending your blowout, you will be looking forward to your next visit to The Wave Salon and begin the process again.

Glorious shine and perfect texture are signs of a professional blowout. As hard as women try to achieve this look at home, it’s just not the same experience or result as sitting in the chair at The Wave Salon. One wish many women would like to achieve is keeping the blowout longer than a day or two. The following tips will help you extend your blowout between visits.


Before visiting The Wave Salon for your blowout clean your hair and scalp. Hair product, oil and dirt buildup can impact how long your blowout will last. If you don’t have time to shampoo your hair at home, ask the stylist to shampoo your hair twice.


The last thing any woman wants after an amazing blowout is for a shower to ruin it. To prevent this from happening use a shower cap. Add an extra level of protection by purchasing a lined shower cap. If you can’t find a lined shower cap you can create your own by wrapping a hair turban around your hair then placing a plastic shower cap over it.


Investing in satin pillow cases is essential to prevent frizz overnight. To prevent your hair from becoming a tangled mess and ruining your blowout use a soft fabric scrunchy to pull your hair up into a loose messy bun. If you don’t move too much while you sleep you can just leave your hair down and sweep it to the opposite side you are lying on so you don’t get it matted. Always avoid traditional elastic hair ties since they cause denting and creasing that can negatively impact your blowout.


At some point, your blowout is going to start looking less than desirable. This is your chance to switch up the style. This is where you can get creative by trying modern sophisticated braid styles. You can also use a curling iron to create textured waves and a tousled look. Creating this style with dirty hair is a benefit since it holds the curl better.


At some point, you might become desperate and grab your trusty brush. Don’t do this! Using a brush will actually remove hairstyling products and lessen the strength of the dry shampoo. It will also glide your natural oils from your scalp through the entire length of your hair causing it to look greasy. When you have the urge to run a brush through your hair, stop and repeat the dry shampoo step.


Simply changing your part will immediately hide greasy roots. Depending on your preference and face shape, you can choose to part your hair to the side, down the center or try an off-center part. The goal is to disguise greasy roots while maintaining a flattering style.

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